BrXnd NYC 2023

Over 200 marketers gathered in NYC for the inaugural BrXnd Conference, a unique event that explored the strategic, creative, and business potentials of AI in marketing. The conference sparked a lively and insightful discussion, which is expected to shape the future of the industry.

The inaugural BrXnd NYC 2023 conference, held on May 16, 2023, was a leading AI marketing event that united marketing practitioners, builders, and thought leaders to explore the future of marketing x AI. The event included keynotes, conversations, and hands-on experimentation sessions, and it took place at NeueHouse Madison Square, a space known for gathering creators and innovators​.

In the fast-paced world of technology, where AI is at the forefront of innovation, there's a growing need for platforms that bridge the gap between AI and various sectors. One such domain is marketing, which has seen an accelerated infusion of AI in recent years. To aid in the understanding and adoption of AI in marketing, Noah Brier, a veteran in the intersection of marketing and technology, established BrXnd—an organization that thrives at the crossroads of marketing and AI.

In May 2023, BrXnd hosted its inaugural conference in New York City, featuring a mix of marketing practitioners and builders defining the future of marketing x AI. The event was held at the NeueHouse Madison Square, a venue known for hosting creators, innovators, and thought leaders, which set a fitting stage for the discussions and exchanges that unfolded throughout the day.

BrXnd NYC aimed to explore questions and encourage hands-on experimentation in this new and exciting technology. It welcomed world-class marketers and game-changing technologists for a day of discussions, presentations, and demos, all centered around AI's potential in the marketing sphere.

The conference was structured around three main types of activities: fireside chats with Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and other marketing leaders from leading brands and agencies discussing the effects of AI on their business, demonstrations of the world's best marketing AI, and discussions about the legal, ethical, and practical challenges the industry faces as it adopts AI. The day concluded with an "ad Turing test,” challenging advertising experts to identify whether an ad was produced by a computer or a person.

The attendees were not only engrossed by the insightful sessions but also found value in the business relationships they built during the conference. One participant noted, "As important as the remarkable content about AI's seismic impact on marketing were the incredible new business relationships that I was able to build with such a thoughtful group of senior marketing leaders. It accelerated both my knowledge of the AI landscape, and my ability to use that knowledge to grow my company."

The conference served as a platform for exploration, inspiration, and learning. It aimed to provide the attendees with concrete ideas they could immediately implement in their marketing, brand, strategy, and data work. Despite being an intimidating subject for many, the conference was widely appreciated for its ability to make AI approachable and inspiring.

Participants lauded the event with comments like, "This event struck the perfect balance between substance and thought provocation," and "Mind blown with inspiration to tinker, tinker, and tinker some more."

Following the success of the New York event, BrXnd plans to host a similar conference in San Francisco in the fall of 2023, reinforcing its mission to help the world of marketing and AI connect and collaborate.

The impact of BrXnd's inaugural conference is best summarized in the words of an attendee: "I left BrXnd NYC overflowing with new ideas and provocative perspectives on AI.”

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