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Marketing AI

Hi and welcome to our primer on marketing AI. In this introduction we will take you through some of the basics in understanding what marketing AI is, how it works, and what you can get out of it.

What is Marketing AI?

Marketing AI is the use of artificial intelligence in the marketing process. This can range from the use of tools to help in the ideation of new products or campaigns, the creation of brand assets or advertising, and the analysis of data, amongst other things.

Here at, we're more focused on the strategic and creative uses of this technology than media and data analysis (those are great, too, they're just not really our thing). The landscape of AI tools available to marketers is evolving very quickly, which is why we've built BrXndscape, the leading resource for AI tools for marketers. You can search the landscape by use case and also filter by category. A few common categories to get started with include image generation (for creating various marketing images), content generation (for creating brand copy and other marketing content), and video generation (for creating campaign videos and other assets).

We encourage you to explore and find platforms and tools that are right for you and your marketing needs.

The Main Categories of Marketing AI Tools

In our Marketing AI Landscape we recognize seven main categories in the taxonomy of marketing AI tools:

  1. Marketing Audio AI Tools: AI-powered tools designed to generate audio, either from existing recordings or from scratch.
  2. Marketing Design AI Tools: AI-powered tools used to create and develop interactive graphics and visuals.
  3. Marketing Image AI Tools: AI-powered tools designed to enhance and create images, either from existing photographs or from scratch.
  4. Marketing AI Infrastructure: Tools and technologies designed to make it easier to manage and deploy AI-enabled applications and services.
  5. Marketing AI Services: AI-powered services and consulting to help brands and marketers make the most of AI tools and technologies.
  6. Marketing AI Content Tools: AI-powered tools designed to generate natural language content, either from existing text or from scratch.
  7. Marketing Video AI Tools: AI-powered tools designed to generate videos, either from existing footage or from scratch.

Four Kinds of Marketing AI

Harvard Business Review breaks down four kinds of marketing AI:

  1. Stand-alone machine learning apps
  2. Integrated machine learning apps
  3. Stand-alone task automation apps
  4. Integrated task automation apps
Source: HBR

Are you a brand or marketer that needs help navigating the world of AI?

Landscape Companies

A few of the companies who have recently been added to the BrXndscape generative AI landscape.

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