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About BrXnd


BrXnd is the brainchild of Noah Brier. Noah has spent the last twenty years operating at the intersection of marketing and technology—first at award-winning agencies, and later as an entrepreneur. In 2011 Noah co-founded Percolate, the world's leading content marketing platform. Percolate worked with brands like Unilever, GE, and Google and was backed by Sequoia, First Round Capital, and Lightspeed. The company was acquired by Seismic, the leading Sales Enablement Platform, in 2019.

Noah has been recognized as one of the most creative people in business by Fast Company magazine, as a digital innovator by Bloomberg Businessweek, and sat on the World Economic Forum's Global Agenda Council for Social Media. He built Brand Tags in 2008, an experiment in brand perception that was acquired by Solve Media, and has written for AdAge, AdWeek, Contagious, and Fast Company, amongst other publications. In 2019, Noah co-founded Why Is This Interesting?—a daily newsletter read by 20,000+ intellectually omnivorous individuals.


BrXnd is an organization at the intersection of marketing and AI, with the mission to propel marketing forward with events, education, consulting, and experiments that combine the power of brands with the amazing potential of AI.

We explore this intersection through our bi-weekly newsletter, BrXnd Dispatch, which focuses on the practical realities of using and building these new tools rather than mere theory. BrXnd’s inaugural conference was a one-day event held in New York City in the spring of 2023. We are taking the show to San Francisco this fall. In addition, BrXnd works with marketing organizations to build content, events, and products.


BrXnd is based out of New York City.


BrXnd was started in 2022.

Why Brands?

We have long been fascinated by brands. In 2008, we built a tool called Brand Tags that flashed up a random logo and asked people to type in the first thing that popped into their heads. The idea was that if brands live in people's heads—something we believe to be true—then asking consumers for their first brand reaction would provide invaluable insight into how a brand was perceived. By compiling their responses in a tag cloud that showed the most common answers in the largest type, brands would be able to access a powerful view of how the public saw them.  

In some ways, CollXbs, the initial experiment from BrXnd, was an extension of that same idea. Made possible by advances in AI—specifically, large language models—it imagines brand collaborations. What stands out about these invented collabs is just how powerful the world's best brands really are. They have established such a solid identity that even a machine learning model can ascertain its attributes.

Why AI?

Even in its early days, AI has proven to be an absolutely extraordinary creative accelerant. While it’s hard to know exactly how things will turn out, this feels like one of the most exciting technological moments in history. And yet it’s also a massive shift in mindset as we move from an intuition for how computers work to one that acknowledges a completely new role for AI in our personal and professional lives.

Computers and AI are good at very different things.

We are learning like everyone else: building intuition for what’s possible with this new technology and helping to shepherd marketers and brands into this new age.

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