A Day at the intersection of Brands X ai

BrXnd Conference NYC — May 16,2023

The Leading AI Marketing Event


Thank you so much for joining us at our inaugural event. We have designed the programming to be based around a few key themes. You will hear from a mix of marketing practitioners and builders defining the future of marketing x AI. We don't have all the answers, but we hope that by exploring the questions and encouraging hands-on experimentation we can all build intuition for this new and exciting technology.

NeueHouse Madison Square
110 East 25th Street, New York, NY
May 16th, 2023
9:30am — 5:30pm

Doors Open

9:30 am



Market Fruit Board (v, gf)
Greek Yogurt, Housemade Granola,
Seasonal Berries (gf)
Assorted Mini Bagels, Cream Cheese,
Whipped Butter (v)

9:30 am


Building Intuition in AI

Noah Brier, Founder, BrXnd

10:15 am

Marketing x AI

Hallucinations For Fun and Profit

Tim Hwang, Author, "Subprime Attention Crisis"

10:40 am


AI is Shaking Up B2B Marketing

Toni Clayton-Hine, CMO, EY (Ernst & Young)
Drew Neisser, Founder, CMO Huddles

11:05 am

Strategy x AI

Solving Business & Strategy Problems with AI

Paul Aaron, CEO, Addition

11:30 am

Bringing Research to Life with AI

Ivan Kayser, CEO, Redscout

11:50 am

Bias x AI

The When, What, Where, Why & How of AI Bias

Meredith Broussard, Associate Professor, NYU
Charlton Mcilwain, Vice Provost & Professor, New York University

11:55 am

Tech x AI

The Ins and Outs of AI & Machine Learning

Sarah Bird, Responsible AI Lead, Azure AI, Microsoft
Piers Fawkes, Founder, The Prompt

1:10 pm

Brands x AI

Using Generative AI For Brands

Rob May, Founder & CEO, Nova Cloud

1:30 pm

Creative x AI

When AI Met Creative

Jaime Robinson, Co-Founder and CCO, JOAN
Shareen Pathak, Co-founder, editor-in-chief, Toolkits

1:50 pm

Tools x AI

Pragmatic Optimism:
Building digital products in the age of AI

André Cardozo, Group Director, Technology, Work & Co.
Reese Fuller, Lead Writer, Work & Co.

2:25 pm

Using AI to Build a Brand Identity

Elliott Walker, Creative Director and Co-founder, Otherward
Tim Hucklesby, Creative Director and Co-founder, Otherward


Products x AI

AI for Marketing Product Photography

Mickey Friedman, CEO/ Co-Founder, Flair AI

2:55 pm

Using AI to Generate Press Releases

Caitlin Kelly, Founder and co-CEO, EZ Newswire
Neel Shah, Founder and co-CEO, EZ Newswire

3:10 pm

Legal x AI

Copyright versus Generative Creativity

Shannon Sorensen, SVP, Business & Legal Affairs,
National Music Publishers' Association
Colin Nagy, Director, Global Brand Strategy, Instagram

3:40 pm

Images x AI

Easy, Confident & Responsible:
Shutterstock's Approach to Generative AI

Michael Francello, Director of Innovation, Shutterstock

4:05 pm

Ads x AI

BrXnd Ad Turing Test

Mark D’Arcy, Chief Creative Officer, The Brandtech Group
Ted Florea, Founder, Chief Strategy Officer, Ancient LLC
Keith Butters, Creative Engineering Director, WeTransfer
Tim Hwang, Author, "Subprime Attention Crisis"
Noah Brier, Founder, BrXnd

4:20 pm

Founding Partners
Media Partners
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NeueHouse Penthouse
Madison Square

110 East 25th Street, New York, NY

May 16th, 2023
9:30am — 5:30pm

We're proudly hosted by NeueHouse, the venue where creators, innovators and thought leaders gather, work and connect.

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