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How can AI be used in marketing?

AI can be used in many different ways to help marketers in the ideation of new products or campaigns, the creation of brand assets or advertising, and the analysis of data.

AI tools are particularly helpful when it comes to creating engaging content, as they can generate text, images, videos, and other assets quickly and in a variety of styles. AI can also be used to analyze data, helping marketers to gain insights into their target audience, measure the effectiveness of campaigns, and optimize their marketing efforts.

Here at, we provide the leading resource for AI tools specifically for marketers: the BrXndscape. You can search the landscape by use case and also filter by category. A few common categories to get started with include image generation (for creating various marketing images), content generation (for creating brand copy and other marketing content), and video generation (for creating campaign videos and other assets).

We encourage you to explore and find platforms and tools that are right for you and your marketing needs.

Are you a brand or marketer that needs help navigating the world of AI?