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Coca-Cola x Nordstrom

Introducing the exclusive Coca-Cola x Nordstrom Hoodie Collection – where classic comfort meets iconic style. This limited edition collaboration brings together Coca-Cola's vintage charm and Nordstrom's reputation for high-quality apparel. Adorn your wardrobe with a piece of Americana, featuring the unmistakable Coca-Cola script emblazoned across sumptuously soft fabric. Each hoodie in the collection marries the nostalgia of Coke's red and white palette with the sleek, modern cut that Nordstrom is known for. Perfect for the fashion-forward enthusiast with a taste for timeless classics, this is more than just a hoodie. It's a wearable piece of pop culture, a statement of refined taste, a blend of two brands that stand for something bigger. Get ready to pop open some happiness with every wear.


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