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Buy Collab Credits

Every day we release a limit number of free AI-generated collabs out into the world (check Twitter to see when they drop). If you grab one of those, you can generate your own collab for free. However, if they're all out or you want to generate more, you can always buy a pack of 3, 5, or 10 collabs. When you buy a pack, you will be emailed a code you can use to generate collab images with.

3-Pack of Collab Generation Codes


5-Pack of Collab Generation Codes


10-Pack of Collab Generation Codes


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Using Your Code

Once you buy your pack of Generation Codes you'll get an email that looks something like this:

That little code is all you need.

Once you've got your code, head over to the Generator and enter your code in the form.

Enter your code in that little box

That's it. If you have any problems, please be in touch.