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BrXnd Ad Turing Test Brief

Spring 2023

Background and Objective

Company Overview

Volt is the next generation of energy drinks: a Sparkling Energy Water that combines hype with hydration to deliver the benefits of brands like Red Bull and Monster, without the sugar and chemicals. With 200mg of caffeine, 300mg of electrolytes, and natural essences, Volt is all the benefits of the category with none of the burdens.

Advertising Objective

We need a launch campaign for Volt—something that lets the world know we have arrived, and the energy drink category will never be the same. It will run in every major magazine in the United States. 

It should establish the brand with a bang.

Key Product Benefits/Messages

Volt is an energy drink with 200mg of caffeine and 300mg of electrolytes, combining hype and hydration. It’s got no sugar, natural essences, and is vegan. It’s the only Sparkling Energy Water on the market, and the only energy beverage explicitly designed for the modern lifestyle. 

Red Bull was introduced in 1987. Monster is what neckbeards drink at 9 am. Volt is new. Volt is sophisticated. Volt is fun. 

Target Audience

Volt drinkers are 20-something young professionals. They’re health-conscious and sleep deprived, living a work-hard/play-hard lifestyle. After a late night out at the club, they’re up early in the morning for a gym session. 

Volt drinkers are dynamic, ambitious, and always on the move. As 20-something young professionals, they navigate the fast-paced world of modern careers and social lives. They're tech-savvy and trend-conscious, staying up-to-date with the latest innovations and cultural happenings.

Health and wellness are top priorities for Volt drinkers. They're mindful of what they consume and seek products that align with their clean living and sustainability values. They're knowledgeable about nutrition and often opt for organic, natural, and eco-friendly options.

Despite their commitment to health, Volt drinkers also know how to let loose and enjoy life. They're social butterflies who thrive in lively settings, whether it's a night out at the club, a rooftop party with friends, or a weekend music festival. They're the life of the party, but they also understand the importance of balance.

Volt drinkers inspire us.

Creative Guidelines

Tone and Style

Volt is … 

  • Bold
  • Modern
  • Minimal
  • Exciting
  • Positive
  • Optimistic
  • Excited
  • Not your parent’s energy drink

Key Messages

Hype + Hydration. All the benefits, none of the burdens.

Mandatory Elements





Ad Specifications

All teams (whether human or AI) must produce a digital image with the following dimensions:

Height: 1024 pixels

Width: 691 pixels