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The BrXnd Experience

Our approach to creating amazing events.


Exclusivity with purpose. The attendees, programming, and  venues we choose creates an atmosphere of quality that pervades every interaction.


Intimate and inspiring. Everywhere you turn, you’re surrounded by brilliant people doing interesting things.

Creatively Catalyzing

Doers over speculators. We're not just about presenting the state of the art, we're about sparking the state of the possible.

Our programming tenets to help guide the choices we make and the way speakers present.

  • Doers > Speculators: We want BrXnd to be about doing and learning, not talking and speculating. We are too early in this journey, and the technology is too different from what we’ve seen before to get stuck speculating about its future impact.
  • Curiosity > Overconfidence: We embrace the unintuitive nature of AI and its future implications. We're all learners in this new era of technology.
  • Conversations > Panels: Whenever possible, it’s better to have just two people on stage talking to one another rather than a whole set of speakers competing for time and attention. Go deeper with fewer people so that the audience can learn from their thinking and experience more than just their opinions.
  • Show > Tell: It’s always better to show people something than to tell them about it. While other conferences try to urge people away from showing specific products, we think it’s most useful for people to see what’s real and possible.
  • Process > Perfection: Take your audience on a journey, even if it’s something that didn’t work out. This is an audience of doers and experimenters, and understanding the journey is often more important than just seeing the outcome.